I really need your service for when we are not staffed, are you open 24 hours a day?

Although handling calls outside of your staffed hours are important, nearly 70% of all the calls that we handle are during your staffed hours. Because we are the telephone company behind the call routing as well, we understand that the current availability covers nearly 95% of all calls that come in to the gyms that we serve. 24 hour availability wouldn’t have enough call increase, to justify the potential price increase. We want to keep the subscription fees cost effective for the gyms we serve.

Can you book appointments directly into our CRM?

If you are a part of a franchise system that uses ClubOS, we can possibly book appointments there. Otherwise, as long as your scheduling software doesn’t require a log in, we can usually book in your scheduler. (*please reach out for specific scheduler compatibility)

Included with your service is a business class telephone service, do I get to keep my existing location phone number.

Absolutely! That number is yours to keep. We will port it in to our system so that we can control the call flow and you can take advantage of all of the features of our system. If you were to decide to port that number out down the road, there is a 30 day notice for the telephone only and you can port it to a carrier of your choice.

How do you let me know the outcome of each call?

We send a recap email after every call that we handle. This will include as much of the callers info as we were able to grab and the disposition of the call, along with any pertinent notes and next steps.