HelloGym offers a comprehensive set of services to help your business from lead generation and appointment booking to customer service and call analytics reporting, all at your fingertips. As the communication platform and staffing solution for your gym, we support your team’s sales and customer service efforts so you can focus on the heavy lifting. Talking to a human instead of a robot is important, so we make sure there is always someone to speak to your leads, especially when your team can’t.

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HelloGym Platform

What day and time is your gym receiving the most calls? How many leads are you converting to appointments? Where are your leads coming from? How are your employees speaking to these leads? The HelloGym platform is where you can find all of this information and more. It documents and records all of your incoming and outgoing communication with prospects and members, provides insights and reporting on both your team and ours, and lets you dig deeper into the value of each call.

  • Dashboard
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Call Recording
  • Customer Service


HelloGym functions as an extension of your gym's sales team and your appointment booking expert - returning missed calls, getting prospect meetings on your calendar, and making sure you never miss a lead.

  • Answering Inbound Calls
  • Making Outbound Calls
  • Message Intake
  • Appointment Booking
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Service
Hello Gym - Gym Answering service
Hello Gym - Customer Service


Ensure all your prospects receive the proper follow up to get all their questions answered, and get you one step closer to closing the deal. All unanswered new leads get placed into HelloGym’s software and we call the prospect for you.

  • Call Recording
  • Appointment Booking
  • Customer Service

Business Phone Service

We offer a complete solution to your business’s phone service needs along with the software and reporting tools to help you understand your customers.

  • Recorded Phone Calls
  • Voicemail Files Sent to Email
  • Reporting on Missed Calls/Voicemails 
Hello Gym - Business Phone service

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