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Service Overview

As the communication platform and staffing solution for your gym, we support your team's sales and customer service efforts so you don't miss a lead. Every interaction customers have with your club is an opportunity, a chance to build upon a customer relationship or create a great first impression. Saying "hello" when they call is a great start. If a customer is calling, they need your help. How your club fulfills that need will have a profound effect on your customer's enthusiasm, loyalty, referrals and repeat business.

Extension of Your Sales Team

HelloGym functions as your gym's appointment booking expert - we take calls that would have gone to voicemail and turn them into appointments.

The Platform

The HelloGym platform is the hub. It documents all your incoming and outgoing communication with prospects and members. The hub provides insights and reporting on both your team and on how we are helping you.


We can take inbound web inquiries and turn those into outbound calls from our sales team. Our goal is to connect to your prospects within 10 minutes.

Business Phone Service

Recorded phone calls will help train your team on the right way to answer the call. We offer a complete solution to your business’s phone service needs along with the software and reporting tools to help you understand your customers.

3 out of 4

Number of callers
who won't leave a voicemail if their call isn't answered


New leads nurtured
for your business


Returned calls
in under 10 minutes

How Hellogym Works

HelloGym offers a comprehensive flow and strategy to help your business from lead generation and appointment booking to customer service and call analytics reporting, all at your fingertips.

Hello Gym - Services

Your Voice Matters

Did you know that 66% of customers stop doing business with a company after receiving poor customer service?

That's why our team at HelloGym prioritizes a real, genuine, and productive conversation with your current and potential customers - because an automated answering system can't listen, make your customers feel heard or sympathized with, or establish trust like a human can.

Learn how our services set you up for success.