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Membership Management Software

All the tools and technology you and your clients need to be successful in a single all-inclusive platform.

Our Membership Management platform delivers a powerful business management solution that allows you to handle your business administration with ease. For your client, we deliver a complete snapshot of their fitness in a beautifully designed branded mobile app where your client can access workouts, log food and visually track all aspects of their experience with you or your club.

Manage your business administration with ease from any desktop, laptop or tablet device.

Setup Wizard

Easy, Fast Setup.

In matter of minutes, utilizing our setup wizard, you will gain instant access and be up and running your business like a pro.

Setup Wizard
  • Digital Documents

    Create contracts, waivers, and other documents that your clients can sign that automatically saves to their profile.

  • Services, Pricing and Packages

    Create base services, packages and complex pricing models at the touch of a buttion.

  • Payments Setup

    Choose HelloGym Payment processing or select from over 100 integrated payment gateways.

  • Customization

    Upload your logo and choose from multiple color themes to complement your branding.

Client Mobile App

Build Brand Value, Credibility, and Client Engagement.

Your plan includes a customized, branded mobile app on iOS and Android with your company’s logo and colors.

Client Mobile App
  • Schedule Management

    Your clients can schedule, cancel and reschedule training sessions from the convenience of their mobile phone.

  • Nutrition Tracking / Food Journal

    Your clients can track their nutrition by scanning or searching our database of over 250,000 foods.

  • Goals and Achievements

    Keep clients motivated with goal setting and achievement badges to celebrate success.

  • Push Notifications

    Communicate and notify your clients in real-time with automated push notifications right to their mobile phone.

Sessions Management

Take back control of your time.

From a single screen, view client calendars, schedule and reschedule sessions and view important client contact information.

Sessions Management
  • Scheduling

    Simple drag-and-drop rescheduling and single screen view for easy management.

  • 4-Digit Pin Client Check-In

    Ensure accurate session tracking keeping you and your client on the same page.

  • Independent Sessions

    Schedule workouts for your client to perform independently of your 1-on-1 training sessions.

  • Automated Reminders

    Your clients will receive automates session reminders boosting attendence.

Leads Management

The lifeblood of your business.

Track and manage your leads or prospects directly inside your platform. Schedule follow-up tasks and set reminders so nothing falls through the cracks.

Leads Management
  • CRM

    Customize and organize your leads management tool specific to your sales process.

  • Follow-Up Tasks

    Schedule single or recurring tasks and receive automated reminders via email or text message.

Task Management

HelloGym delivers a complete snapshot of their fitness in a beautifully designed branded mobile app. Your client can access workouts, log food schedule sessions, and visually track all aspects of their experience with you.

Task Management
  • Tasks Dashboard

    Get a complete view of all upcoming, outstanding and late tasks in a single view to help keep you on time and productive.

  • Follow Ups / Reminders

    Set custom reminders of upcoming tasks and lead followups so you never miss a deadline or new deal closing.

Client Management

End-to-end organization of your clients, inside and outside the gym. Effortlessly access client details, workouts, nutrition, goals and billing information all from their dedicated profile view.

Client Management
  • Workouts

    Build custom workouts, save templates, upload videos and communicate pre-and-post workout comments.

  • Goals / Progress

    Easily set and track your client’s goals and progress over a specified timeframe.

  • Nutrition

    Set macro-nutrient guidelines and get a real-time view of your client’s food journal.

  • Scheduling

    Easily schedule, cancel and reschedule training sessions from a dedicated calendar view.

Workout Builder

Our innovative workout builder is designed to streamline the creation and management of workout sessions for your clients. Create templates and comprehensive workouts with ease, saving you a ton of time!

Workout Builder
  • Templates

    Create and store common or on-the-fly workouts for quick use with any of your clients.

  • Custom Components

    Choose from preset components or create your own to build comprehensive workouts and plans.

  • Embed Videos

    Easily embed videos via URL to your workouts, exercises or templates.

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Are you ready to free yourself from the chaos and take your business to the next level?

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